S320M Spreader

S320M Spreader

AMKUS Rescue Systems
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A powerful, multi-use 32-inch spreader. By adding AMKUS’ extended reach tips (ERT), the spread expands to 40”. The unit is also shipped with removable, aggressive gator tips. The twin line hydraulic tool is available with standard or mono coupling.


Solid aluminum tool body to withstand the severe duty of fire rescue service

Compact tool design allow access to tight areas other tools can’t reach

Gator Tips are standard and include an aggressive tooth pattern that won’t slip and beveled edges don’t rip sheet metal

Add Extended Reach Tips (ERT) to expand the maximum spread distance from 32 to over 39 inches  (812 to 993 mm)

Gator Tips and ERT’s utilize a push button release, so they’re easy to install or remove, even with gloved hands

High Intensity LED lights located in the handle for increased visibility

Location of the controls offers superior operator control

UL Certified, NFPA 1936 compliant

Length: 36.8 inches (935 mm)

Width:  11.1 inches (282 mm)

Height:  10.2 inches (259 mm)

Weight:  45.7 lbs (20.7 kg)

Max Spreading Distance:  31.9 inches (810 mm), 39.1 inches (993 mm) with ERT Tips

Highest Spreading Force (HSF):  15,100 lbs (67.2 kN)

Lowest Spreading Force (LSF):  10,530 lbs (46.9 kN)

Max. Spreading Force:  39,500 lbs  (175.7 kN)

Highest Pulling Force (HPF):  11,500 lbs  (51.1 kN)

Lowest Pulling Force (LPF):  7,580 lbs (33.7 kN)

Rated Input Pressure: 10,500 (724 bar)