EF2S Electric Pump with 2 Way Valve

EF2S Electric Pump with 2 Way Valve

AMKUS Rescue Systems
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Electric Power Unit 220V with 2 way valve


NFPA 1936 Compliant

Electric powered, 3.0 horsepower, washdown motor

220/240 Volt single phase

Two high pressure, two-stage pumping systems

Two tools can be connected and operated simultaneously

Also available (not pictured) EF2S-XL Power Unit with roll cage

Length 17.6 inches (447 mm)

Width 12.1 inches (307 mm)

Height 20 inches (508 mm)

Weight 106.4 lbs (48 kg) Includes hydraulic fluid and couplings

Fluid type Amkus MV-1 Non-toxic mineral base hydraulic fluid

Rated output pressure 10,500 psi (724 bar)

Hydraulic fluid reservoir capacity 2 gallons (7.6 liters)

Delivery of pump, stage 1 1.20 gpm (4,542 cc/min)

Delivery of pump, stage 2 0.25 pgm (946 cc/min)