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ION iCT516 Combi Tool

ION iCT516 Combi Tool

AMKUS Rescue Systems
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A compact battery powered combination rescue tool that combines capabilities of a cutter and spreader. It's a versatile "first on scene" tool for engines, ambulances, rescue trucks and tow recovery vehicles. It can be used to spread, cut and "pop" doors. It's powered by a DEWALT® FLEXVOLT® 60 Volt battery that can be shared with other DEWALT tools likes saws and drills.


Versatile and durable "first on scene" tool for rescue truck or ambulance

Short length of tool allows it to fit into confined spaces competitive tools can't access

High intensity integrated LED lights illuminate the work area

Rotating handle allows tool to be repositioned with minimal effort

The iCT516 Combi Tool can be used to spread, cut and "pop" doors

ION's solid aluminum tool housings are ready for service in the severe duty demanded by first responders

NFPA 1936 Compliant, Certified by UL

Powered by a DEWALT FLEXVOLT 60 volt battery that can be shared with other DEWALT tools