DMM Director Swivel Boss

DMM Director Swivel Boss

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Product Description

The Director Swivel Boss is a compact, swiveling termination connector designed to load in the strongest orientation. Ideal for lanyards, these lightweight, versatile and strong carabiners are easy to handle and can reduce the overall length of a system.

The Director Swivel Boss features a textile friendly, configurable eye, an extra short gate, a generous curve in the loading area and healthy gate openings. They can be retro fitted onto pre-stitched or swaged lanyard components or used in conjunction with DMM Linkits to form super short connectable systems. When used in conjunction with the DMM Director Yoke, it forms the ultimate swiveling, pivoting double connector.

Product Name Product Code Colour MBS (Major Axis) MBS (Gate Open) Dimensions Weight Gate Opening (X) Certification
Director Swivel Eye Locksafe
A647BS Titanium/Green 26kN 9kN 64 x 130mm 105g 16mm EN362,
2004 T