Evacuee Tracking Kit

Evacuee Tracking Kit

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Effectively track evacuees and/or special needs evacuation victims with the Disaster Evacuee Tracking System from DMS. Reconcile your evacuee's category receipts and destination receipts for a clear managerial picture of the incident. Included receipt holders and tags are printed on weatherproof/waterproof synthetic paper
weatherproof/waterproof synthetic paper.

Key Features:

ƒ?§ Tracks 40 Evacuees

ƒ?§ Weatherproof/Waterproof Forms

ƒ?§ Simple and Concise Documentation System


Kit Contents:

ƒ?› Large Storage Clipboard with Handle

ƒ?› 4 Disaster Evacuee Receipt Holders (DMS-06328)

ƒ?› 36 Disaster Evacuation Tags (DMS-05582)

ƒ?› 4 Special Needs Evacuation Tags (DMS-05505)

ƒ?› 2 Pens