RNR Born Body ANSI Harness - Version II - Rock N Rescue

RNR Born Body ANSI Harness - Version II - Rock N Rescue

Rock N Rescue
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Product Description

The newly redesigned Born Body ANSI Harness is ideal for confined space or high angle rescue. Truly a comfortable, easy to don full body harness that meets the new 2016 ANSI standards and is labeled as such. Made in USA.


The harness is ruggedly constructed of 1 23/32″ wide 9,000 lbf. (40.03 kN) nylon webbing, teamed up with 5,000 lbf. (22.24 kN) hardware and Quick Connect buckles. The Born Body Harness utilizes a single multi-directional screw link front attachment point for simplicity and dependability. This front attachment is for ladder fall protection, work positioning and lowering and raising systems for rescue and rappelling. We have taken both of the back connection points from the original Born Harness and combined them into one harness. The yoke attachment point is a great option for those who have to wear breathing apparatus in addition to a harness. The yoke raises the attachment point above the head so it does not interfere with your air tank and if needed, keeps the worker in an upright, heads up posture, ideal for self rescue. If you would rather use the back “D-Ring” connection point, the yoke can simply be stowed by using the Velcro attachment. The back “D-ring” is included for those who prefer a back D-ring. Generous padding on the leg loops, chest and back crossing straps along with the handy gear loops make the Born Body Harness a joy to work in. The harness is designed to enable the wearer to don it without putting their feet through the leg loops. The leg loops are simply disconnected with the quick connect buckles and wrapped around the legs and then re-secured. When donned in this manner it eliminates the possibility of chemical contamination to the crotch area from grimy boots as all too frequently happens in conventional step-through leg loops. 5,000 lbf. (22.24 kN) forged steel shoulder D-rings can be used as a lifting point in some confined spaced applications. Certified to current ANSI Standards and is labeled as such. If you need a shock absorbing lanyard to go with your Born Body Harness look in the slings and runners section. Color coded trim enables you to instantly sort harnesses by size.

***Embroidery is only on the harness bag.***

***Embroidery is on the harness bag only.***
  •  Sizing:
    • Small: Chest 28-38 in. Abdomen 22-34 in.
    • Medium: Chest 38-48 in. Abdomen 34-44 in.
    • Large: Chest 48-58 in. Abdomen 44-56 in.
    • X-Large: Chest 58-68 in. Abdomen 56-66 in.
  • Certification:
    • ANSI Z359.11
  • Weight 5 lbs.