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RNR Last Chance Belt - Rock N Rescue

RNR Last Chance Belt - Rock N Rescue

Rock N Rescue
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Product Description

A functional uniform belt. Made of 1 23/32″ black webbing tested to 9,000 lbf. (40.03 kN). The black hardware is manufactured to military specifications. Features a sewn in V ring near the buckle. For an emergency escape, simply flip open the V ring, clip in a carabiner and a rappel device and then make your descent.

  • Made in USA.
  • WARNING: this item is sold as a belt. It is not to be used for rappelling except under direct threat to your life and you have no other options available. 
  • Sizing:
    • Standard fits up to 42 in.
    • Large fits up to 57 in.
  • Weight:
    • Standard 9.5 oz.
    • Large 11.2 oz.