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RNR Picket Storage Bag - Rock N Rescue

RNR Picket Storage Bag - Rock N Rescue

Rock N Rescue
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Product Description

The R-N-R Picket Storage bag is a tough padded bag bag that is designed to hold three (3) 42″ or (3) 48″ pickets and associated gear needed to set up a picket anchor system.
Pickets and associated gear sold separately.  Weight 2 lbs. empty. Made in the USA.



  • Made of 1000 denier Magnatuff fabric and 1" nylon webbing that is tough enough to withstand the weight of the kit without damage.
  • Measures 50" x 5" x 3" so it will hold 3 - 48" pickets, webbing, cord and tightening rods all in one easy to access place.
  • Equipped with carrying handles and a removable shoulder strap for long carry's into remote places where a picket system may be needed.
  • Takes very little room in a storage compartment and keeps pickets from rolling and rattling around.