Partner K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package
Partner K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package
Partner K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package

Partner K-12 FD Rescue Saw Package

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Designed exclusively for the fire service.

With its dependable 6.1, horse high-torque Husqvarna engine and specialized modifications, the K12 Fire Rescue Saw is in a class of its own.

Even with its large and powerful engine, this specialized cutter is very easy to handle and flexible to use. Its higher torque delivers more usable power to the blade to cut quickly through a wide range of materials.

At only 23 pounds, the K12 has by far the best power-to-weight performance on the market. Pound per pound, we think it"s the most effective power cutter in the field.

K-970 Fire/Rescue Saw Package Features:

  • 95cc, 6.1 HP Husqvarna air-cooled 2-stroke engine
  • Smartcarb Carburetor maintains power in all conditions
  • Active Air Filtration extends filter life by 3-5 times
  • Decompression Relief Valve
  • Durastarter Starter Unit
  • Easy-adjust blade guard lets you get the cutting depth you need
  • Reversible cutting arm lets you get closer to walls or obstructions
  • Enclosed Transmission reduces wear and belt slippage
  • Chrome Blade Guard
  • Large "D" Handle starter fits all Firefighting Gloves
  • "D" Ring for Sling Attachment
  • Reflective Fire/Rescue Saw Lettering
  • Night Eye LED light with mounting bracket
  • Warning Light with 6 flash patterns
  • Saw carrying sling
  • Exclusive Wrench Holder
  • Carbide Tip CHOPPER blade - Choose 12-inch x 24-tip or 14-inch x 30-tip
  • Weight: 22.7 lbs

Saw Only: The K-970 Fire/Rescue Saw comes standard with:

  • 14" Chrome Blade Guard
  • Large "D" handle pull rope for easy starting with firefighting gloves
  • "D" Ring on the blade guard for sling attachment
  • Choice of a 12"x24-tooth or 14"x30-tooth carbide tipped chopper blade.
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