Our priority is making sure we can provide all the lifesaving products that are needed during this unprecedented time. We are open to meet those needs. Rest assured that our team is prepared to support you around the clock.

Cylinder Hydrotesting and Visual Inspections

Continental Fire and Safety is a DOT registered Hydrotest facility.

As a DOT registered Hydrotest facility we can perform all your testing needs including:

  • SCBA Cylinders
  • Cascade storage cylinders up to 6000psi.
  • Oxgen cylinders
  • SCUBA cylinders
  • Paintball cylinders
  • High and Low pressure fire extinguishers
  • SCBA cylinder valve overhauls
Example facility for hydrotesting.

Eddy Current Testing

We are now able to perform Eddy Current Testing. Testing is completed using Visual Plus 3 equipment. This meets DOT requirements as of 2007 regarding cylinders manufactured using 6351 aluminum alloy.

Along with the new Visual Plus 3 equipment, training has been completed, including:

  • Eddy Current, Visual Cylinder Inspecting, and Valve Repair provided by PSI/PCI
  • PSI/PCI Cylinder visual inspection trained
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