Cylinder Hydrotesting and Visual Inspections

Continental Fire and Safety is a DOT registered Hydrotest facility.

As a DOT registered Hydrotest facility we can perform all your testing needs including:

  • SCBA Cylinders
  • Cascade storage cylinders up to 6000psi.
  • Oxgen cylinders
  • SCUBA cylinders
  • Paintball cylinders
  • High and Low pressure fire extinguishers
  • SCBA cylinder valve overhauls
Example facility for hydrotesting.

Eddy Current Testing

We are now able to perform Eddy Current Testing. Testing is completed using Visual Plus 3 equipment. This meets DOT requirements as of 2007 regarding cylinders manufactured using 6351 aluminum alloy.

Along with the new Visual Plus 3 equipment, training has been completed, including:

  • Eddy Current, Visual Cylinder Inspecting, and Valve Repair provided by PSI/PCI
  • PSI/PCI Cylinder visual inspection trained
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