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For those looking for a cost-effective solution we offer our economical EconoAir and compact Air Charge models. Our full featured Breathing Air Module allows for easy access to inside components and can be integrated into am all-in-one, total air system solution with the Modular Breathing Air Center which incorporates the Breathing Air Module, containment fill station, and air storage system. Other options that are built to meet your demanding compressor needs include our rugged Horizontal Breathing Air compressor packages, high-capacity Water-Cooled packages and our Mobile Breathing Air solutions. Search our products below.
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  • Watercooled Packages
    Watercooled Packages
  • Horizontal Breathing Air (HBA)
    Horizontal Breathing Air (HBA)
  • Modular Breathing Air Center (M-BAC)
    Modular Breathing Air Center (M-BAC)
  • Breathing Air Module (BAM)
    Breathing Air Module (BAM)
  • AirCharge (AC)
    AirCharge (AC)
  • EconoAir (EA)
    EconoAir (EA)
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