Universal Rescue Cover

Universal Rescue Cover

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Product Description

Technical Specs:

  • 200 Denier Polyurethane Coated Pack Cloth
  • 4 Nylon carry handles
  • Load tested to 400 pounds
  • 16 attachment points ( for carabiners, rope, cord, etc.)
  • Built-in cinch pouch
  • Rip-N-Run velcro closure for ease of mounting onto belts, litters, vehicles, etc.
  • Made in USA

A Small Sampling of Uses:

  • Mobile Medevac wind direction flag
  • 4 handle all purpose carry tote
  • Weather guard
  • Privacy for patient screen
  • Ground and gear cover/tarp
  • Site identifier: triage, decon, casualty, rally point, command post, etc.
  • SOS signal panel
  • Emergency flasher when used with a strobe
  • Windbreaker/lean-to