Ajax Rescue Tools X11-RK AXESS Air Hammer Tool and Rescue Kit

Ajax Rescue Tools X11-RK AXESS Air Hammer Tool and Rescue Kit

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The Ajax X11-RK Axess rescue tools are designed for cutting metal, chipping concrete or masonry brick, and digging in dirt or gravel. This air hammer rescue kit features all-purpose tools for applications such as forcible entry, trench rescue, structural collapse, mining collapse, and confined space rescue.

Ajax Chisels And Punches Should Never Be Struck Against Surfaces That Are Harder Than The Tools Themselves; I.E., "bearings" And "bearing Races" Have A Much Higher Hardness Than The Optimum Hardness Of The Working End Of All Chisels And Punches. There Are Specific And Safer Procedures For The Removal Of These Types Of Items. Follow Certified Mechanic"s Resources For Correct Application Of Tools Or Call Ajax Tools For Assistance

All Ajax Rescue Tools Need To Be Used With Care And You Need To Follow All Safety Precautions That Are Listed By The Manufacturer And All Safety Procedures Deemed Necessary By Your Place Of Employment. These Safety Procedures Will Include But Are Not Limited To Wearing Proper Safety Apparel, Wearing Safety Goggles, And Using All Tools In The Way That They Were Intended To Be Used. Ajax Rescue Tools Asks All Users Of Our Products To Follow All Safety Precautions And To Use Our Tools With Care

X11-RK AXESS Air Hammer Tool and Rescue Kit Includes:

  • (1) 1999 Axess Air Hammer with 3700S-3 Retainer
  • (1) 3300S-9Retainer
  • (1) 1044 3/8" Male Coupler with 3/8" NPT
  • (1) 1050 3/8" 90 Degree Swivel
  • (1) 1030 15FT. 3/8" Hose with Male Coupler
  • (1) 1052 3/8" Female Coupler for 1030 Hose
  • (1) 8245H Regulator (4500 PSI)
  • (1) 8246 Gauge Guard
  • (1) 1048 3/8" Female Coupler for Regulator
  • (1) 1074 4 OZ. Bottle of Oil
  • (1) 5318 30" Steel Kit Box
  • (1) 8262 Kit Box Liner
  • (1) 3000-RK 15-1/2" Chisel Pouch
  • (1) 3100-RK 23-1/2" Chisel Pouch
  • (2) 3189-PLNon Turn Panel Cutter 9"
  • (2) 3180-PL Non Turn Kwik Cutter 9"
  • (1) 3182-PL Non Turn Flat Chisel 7"
  • (2) 3180-18-PL Non Turn Kwik Cutter 18"
  • (1) 3182-18-PL Non Turn Flat Chisel 18"
  • (1) 3184-18-PL Non Turn 1-1/2" wide Chisel 18"
  • (1) 3190-12-PL Non Turn Moil Point
  • (1) 3188-PLNon Turn Clay Spade
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