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SMC combined 54 years of design and manufacturing knowledge with an uncompromising program of innovation, prototyping and user feedback to create our new Apex Swivel Pulley. The result is a pulley with unmatched security and deceptively simple ease of use.
A patented, low-profile, triple-action lock prevents accidental openings, but the intuitive and ergonomic design can be opened with one hand. The robust lock is operated by three distinct actions: pivot the lock, depress the lock, and swing the side-plate. Simply closing the side-plate re-engages the lock and secures the rope.
The symmetrical side-plates are optimized for use with prusik-based progress capture systems and minimize the possibility of mis-rigging.
When unlocked, the side-plates swing away to streamline setup and offer maximum versatility when placing the pulley anywhere in your system.
The cold-forged, custom designed swivel eye accommodates up to three carabiners and the rounded profile offers excellent soft goods compatibility when you want to eliminate the carabiner altogether.
The APEX is best-in-class when you need a robust, versatile, and American-made pulley that is perfect for use in rescue, rope access, or arborism.

" Ergonomic triple-action lock can be easily opened with one hand
" Low-profile locking mechanism provides best-in-class security against accidental openings
" Symmetrical prusik-minding side plates reduce the possibility of mis-rigging progress capture systems
" Smooth sculpted, cold-forged swivel is soft goods compatible and can accommodate up to three carabiners
" Swinging side plate and wide opening enables hassle-free mid-line attachment
" Sealed ball bearings provide exceptional efficiency
" NFPA rated
" Made in the USA

Model #: NFPA165120
Material: Aluminum, Stainless Steel
Finish: Anodized, Blue/Grey
Dimensions: 5.9" x 2.9"
Weight: 10.8oz (306g)
MBS: 38kN
WLL: 9.5kN
Certification: NFPA
Rope size: up to 13mm
Sheave Major Diameter: 2.0"
Sheave Tread Diameter: 1.5"
Sheave Material: Aluminum