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Product Description

The Turbohand Pro ascender is the absolute top of the line for maximizing efficiency while ascending ropes. It features a proprietary roller which not only helps with climbing efficiency by making the upward glide much smoother, it also reduces dangerous wear and tear on the device where the rope tends to rub on the body of a traditional ascender.

The removable rope guide at the bottom of the handle optimally aligns the rope for long ascents.

The ergonomic rubber handle extends into the upper part of the spine to allow for a double-handed grip.

The handle and the rope are aligned on the same plane for the best handling and efficiency.

Features three large attachment points, two on the bottom and one at the top, for optimal organization.

The stainless steel rope guide reinforces the main attachment point for increased resistance to wear and tear. It also prevents the carabiner from interfering with the rope.

The robust body is constructed from 3.5 mm aluminum alloy.

The geometry is verified for use on traverses.

The toothed cam is finished with a special anti-wear treatment and features drain holes to help prevent the build up of mud and grit.

The opening system is protected on both sides to prevent accidental openings.

The proprietary roller also allows the Turbohand to be rigged as a locking pulley for light hauling with a max load of 50 kg, 110 lbs. NOTE: This configuration is not intended for hauling or securing of bodies.

" EN 12841/B for semi-static ropes ranging from 10 to 13 mm.
" EN 567 for semi-static and dynamic ropes ranging from 8 to 13 mm.


198 g, 7.0 oz


ID: 2635-R1 Red Right / 2635-L2 Grey Left
Standards: EN 12841/B " EN 567 " EAC
Rope Diameter (mm): Min 8 mm " Max 13 mm