CMI Arborist Aluminum Ropewalker

CMI Arborist Aluminum Ropewalker

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Product Description

Arborist Aluminum Ropewalker: Provides quick mechanical adjustment to fliplines and comes equipped with an adjustable tension spring and a bolt through the cam for fixed application on the lanyard. This is the strongest flipline adjuster at 7,500 lb. MBS. Closes securely with a grade 8 stainless steel bolt and locking nylock nut. Ribbed cam. Will work with up to 5/8" rope. Holds well on muddy or icy ropes and can be rigged in all the standard prusik methods.

  • Special Features:
    • Spring tension easily adjusted for all tastes
    • 5/8 in. rope capacity
    • Slots for mud removal
    • Forged Cam
    • Spring design tested to over a million cycles
    • Large attachment point accommodates multiple carabiners
    • Cam strength 3 sigma rated to 7,700 lbs.
    • Locking pin can be inserted from either side to accommodate left or right hand users