CMM Monitor

CMM Monitor

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The CMM (Carbon Monoxide and Moisture Monitor) provides the peace of mind and confidence that your breathing air is free from dangerous levels of carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture.

The inbuilt safety feature on the Mako Compressors CMM requires calibration every 90 days to ensure accuracy. This is simple and user friendly by design.

Monitoring made easy

  • Easy to read, simple to use
  • Straight forward CO sensor/ cell replacement
  • Automatic calibrations - the CO sensor automatically adjusts to ensure accurate measurement of CO by checking itself against two preset levels.
  • Automatic compressor shutdown with audible and visual alarm

CMM Wall Mount Panels

  • Input power: 110VAC wall plug. Designate unit control voltage when ordering for compressor integration (12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC) 6000 PSI inlet