EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket

EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket

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With the EZ-LOC Mechanical Bracket, simply return the SCBA to the bracket and with as little as one finger, press down on the top clamp to quickly and easily secure. There is no need to risk damage to hands and SCBAs by slamming, jamming, or shoving a cylinder back into place. The EZ-LOC is easy on the firefighters and easy on the SCBA.

NFPA 1901-09 compliant and third party tested to exceed the NFPA 9G standard. Fits most SCBAs with only minor adjustments.

Zico's patented ratchet design locks the SCBA over a range of engagement, so that even in a partially closed position there is never any doubt that the cylinder is secure.

Built with a PVC-coated top clamp to prevent damage to cylinders while in use and a steel backplate to provide a strong backbone. Both the backplate and the cast aluminum footplate are powdercoated to provide years of trouble-free service.

Donning the SCBA is fast and easy. The firefighter simply slips into the harness, pulls the release cable, and is ready to go. WARNING: Bracket and SCBA harness are not to be used in place of a seat belt.