FAST Rescue Solutions FASTboard

FAST Rescue Solutions FASTboard

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Product Description

The FAST Board was designed by Eric Allen, a 20 year veteran of the fire service, with the last 12 years spent in the special operations community. The primary purpose of the FAST Board is to have all the equipment attached and rigged for use to effectively load, secure, and move downed personnel and civilians from below grade and confined spaces during emergency evacuation. Made in USA.

Feature Benefit
Dimensions: 45"L x 18"W x 4.5"H Designed for maximum maneuverability in confined spaces
6" 45 degree side undercuts Provides stable platform to combat rollovers from debris. Also allows board the board to ride on its rails to facilitate a low radius turn.
45 degree front undercut w/ mid-point rigging Allows the board to lift over obstacles even if the nose of it gets pushed under an obstacle. The haul line will pull the board backwards until the front is clear of the obstacle.
8" wide handles Allows for two gloved hands to fit the handle for heavy loads and additional personnel
Interior platform With its raised side it performs like a shovel and allows one person to safely and quickly package downed personnel in an emergency evacuation.
100% Kevlar lashing Passes the NFPA 1971/1981 Flame test and Heat test. Rated at 5,500 lbs.
Single connection point for lashing Connection is made above the patient, and keeps the rescuer from having to search for the connection point.
"Escape Tech" 7.5mm haul line. Heat resistant sheath up to 932F. Double and knotted every 16" allows good hand-holds and ability to place mechanical advantage system anywhere in line.
Hardware XL Omega carabiner, L Omaga carabiner, Aluminum Twist Lock, 12 mm Tri-link, Cam buckles (progress capture)
Velcro cross strap Holds a med bag, RIT pack, or use as another stabilization point