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ANSI certified version of the well known BACK-UP fall arrester.
Safe and simple to use with only one hand! BACK-UP is the revolutionary KONG fall arrester that follow the operator in both directions and stop the possible falling. Shifting the special button on the lock mode, it can be used also as a positioning device or a normal locking device. Due to its special manufacture, BACK-UP supports also the strongest stress in semi dynamic way avoiding the shocking effects on the ropes caused by the traditional self-locking devices with toothed cams.
Connector included.

High quality, made in Italy!

Item Standards Material Length (m) Rope diameter (mm) Notes
8021NO400KK EN 353-2
EN 12841 A/B
ANSI/ASSE Z359.15-2014
Stainless steel
Alu alloy
Carbon steel
/ 435 10/12 Orange/Black + Ovalone Carbon Twist Lock ANSI