Kong Hydrobot

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Product Description

Descender designed for modern canyoning, also very useful for mountaineering maneuvers; it works with one or two ropes and allows you to vary the braking effect under load.
Compared to other models it is unmissable , it does not cause wear on the connector to which it is attached and above all it does not twist the cords .
The feature that makes Hydrobot truly exclusive is the ability to act as a self-locking device in the emergency ascent on one or two ropes.
A real ascender always mounted to which you can couple a prusik or an ascender to ascend any rope !
Despite having an asymmetrical geometry, thanks to the possibility of inverting the cursor,it can also be used comfortably by left-handers .
The final gem: Hydrobot is the only tool in the field of mountaineering equipment to use a magnet !