Omega Pacific Large Aluminum Rigging Plate

Omega Pacific Large Aluminum Rigging Plate

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Product Description

Rigging plates are an essential component that belong in every equipment cache. Features 13 20mm holes that will allow most carabiners to fully rotate. Holes are individually numbered to make it quick and easy to organize connections.

Built from the ground up, our rigging plates offer only the best in functionality and performance. It is unprecedented in balance, strength, weight and compact design. Each unit is meticulously hand-inspected before leaving our ISO 9001 factory.

Item Number" OPRPL

Weight" 16.29 oz /462 gm

Length" 9.75 in / 247.65 mm

Width" 6 in / 152.4 mm

Thickness" .39 in /10 mm

MBS" 50 kN (11,240 lbf)