Omega Pacific Rappel Ring+ Ultra-Violet

Omega Pacific Rappel Ring+ Ultra-Violet

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Product Description

We have grown tired of the same old anodized finishes and have decided to mix things up a bit! Due to the unique finishing process, no two carabiners will have the exact same coloring. Omega Pacific Rappel Rings are a light weight, textile friendly linking component used for establishing anchors. Solid, seamless design yields an incredible breaking strength of 25kN.

  • Solid construction (not hollow) increases the strength and overall durability
  • Compatible with a wide range of hardware and textile connecting components
  • The smooth bend radius is both rope and textile friendly
  • Helps organize single or multiple attachments
  • Vibrant dual tone anodize for easy identification
  • Anodize aids in corrosion resistance

Rappel Ring Large

Item Number " RAPRNG-LARGE

Weight " 2 oz /56.69 gm

Outside Diameter " 2.75 in /70 mm

Inside Diameter " 1.77 in /45mm

Thick " .472 in /12 mm

Strength kN" 25 kN (5,620 lbf)