VSK Base 12 Set

VSK Base 12 Set

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Kit includes:
- (1) VSK Base 12 - 22-796308
- (1) Adjustable Carrying Handle - 22-797042E
- (1) Tie-Down Key w/ J Hook - 22-796161

All of the components you need to turn your Paratech RescueStruts into a quickly deployable vehicle stabilization device.

Bases integrated with ratchet belt and anchor ring, ready for rapid deployment, making vehicle stabilization quicker and easier.

Product Features:
- Fast and easy to deploy
- Available with small or large size base foot
- Integrated anchor ring for multiple ratchet belt usage
- Built in ratchet keeps hot zone free of tripping hazard from unused belt
- Compatible with all of Paratech's AcmeThread and LockStroke rescue support system components

Load capacity of 20,000 lbs / 9,071.8 kg with a 4:1 safety factor.

Net Weight: 30.9 lbs / 14 kg