Petzl Roller Coaster

Petzl Roller Coaster

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Product Description

The ROLLER COASTER protector is designed to help protect a moving rope from abrasion. Reversible, with different frame shapes on either side that allow it to adapt to flat or angled surfaces. Multiple connection holes allow the use of different attachment methods. It"s possible to connect multiple modules to better adapt to different types of terrain.

" Reversible protector with two sides to adapt to different situations:
" Flat face with attachment points, making it possible to position the module on a flat area or soft ground
" Angled face makes it possible to install the module on an I-beam, square edge, or guardrail
" Protection on bearings with multiple possible connections:
" Rollers mounted on sealed ball bearing, providing high-efficiency
" Multiple connection holes make it possible to use the most suitable mounting option for the terrain: 10 or 12 mm bolts,
" Multiple modules can be assembled together with links, carabiners, or even cord
" Protection for one or two moving ropes

Weight: 470g
Material(s): Steel, aluminum