QUIC-DRAFT Floating Strainers

QUIC-DRAFT Floating Strainers

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Drafts water from virtually any source, deep or shallow, ensuring you get a sufficient volume of water from pools, ponds, portable tanks, and more.

FDS-500 is capable of flows in excess of 1750 GPM and the FDS-600 over 2100 GPM.

Strainer can be detached from the float to use alone, for storage purposes, or to leave connected to the hard sleeve. Locks in place to prevent banging against the carrier"s leg during transport.

Puncture-resistant, foam-filled polyethylene float is bright yellow to easily locate in darker conditions. Features a molded-in carrying handle.

Sizes Available:

Storz A110: Model FDS-110-S

5" Storz: Model FDS-500-S

6" Storz: Model FDS-600-S

5" NST female: Model FDS-500-NST

6" NST female: Model FDS-600-NST