RNR Rescue Genius

RNR Rescue Genius

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Product Description

The Rescue Genius a tool for creating mechanical advantage without the need for pulleys. It is used as an integral part of a rescue system sometimes described as a "short-lift long-lower" system. This rescue system would also incorporate an appropriate descender and rope of
a suitable length.

The Rescue Genius can also be used for tensioning ropes for example a high line or speed line. Tests show that it is possible to achieve up to 300kg of line tension in such a system. DO NOT ARTIFICIALLY INCREASE THE LEVERAGE -THIS COULD CAUSE THE LEVER HANDLE TO BREAK.

The descender acts as both a progress capture device and a lowering device. The type of descender used has an effect on the efficiency of the lifting system. Tests show that the Genius offers an average mechanical advantage between 3:1 and 4:1 depending on the descender used. Please contact us for more information.

Overall Length: 750mm
Working Load Limit: 140kg
MA: 3:1 " 4:1
(Depending on the type of descender/progress capture device used)

The Rescue Genius comes supplied with the following:

  • Rescue Genius device
  • Anit-Drop tether
  • Storage sleeve