RNR UMT (Urban Micro Throw Bag)

RNR UMT (Urban Micro Throw Bag)

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Product Description

The UMT (Urban Micro Throw Bag) was designed in collaboration with leading Pennsylvania Fish & Boat instructors to meet the demands of the modern water rescue professional in flooded urban environments. The compact size makes it ideal for close quarter short throws, and convenient storage. Good things can come in small packages.

  • Contains 30' of 1/4" Sterling UltraLine.
  • UltraLine integrates a high strength, braided Spectra core with a polypropylene sheath for superior strength over standard float ropes. Maintains trouble-free handling characteristics and buoyancy.
  • Rope MBS: 2,495 lbf.
  • The UMT"s vibrant neon green bag makes it highly visible for both the rescuer and rescuee.
  • The bag can easily be mounted on most PFDs thanks to the secure 1" velcro straps.
  • Handle allows for rapid deployment.
  • Proudly Made in Western, PA