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Product Description

Get the best of the original SAKAandthe best of the SAKA Mini in the SAKA-mini-MAX! This floating knee ascender is the most versatile and efficient available. Climb with your SAKA mini-MAX v2 as a mini or as the MAX, and take your tree-climbing to the next level!

New to V2, the tether no longer velcros around the bungee.

The SAKA mini-MAX v2 uses the same great ascender as the original SAKA, with progressive tooth pattern and a rope friendly spring. Will work on common Arborist Climbing Rope sizes, from 9mm to 13mm.

  • Super-stretch bungee with Dyneema cover & solid rubber core improves performance and wear-resistance
  • Non-load-bearing doubled bungee stiff tether for quick rebound and easy bungee replacement on the MAX
  • The load-bearing tether is adjustable to meet any reasonable stride or climbing conditions
  • Elastic-sock" on the tether stows away excess bungee cord
  • The mini-MAX is easily stored; the mini is so compact it can be carried in a pocket!
  • Weighs only 10oz!

Additional Features

  • Part of a rapid ascending system
  • 2' of super stretch bungee, solid rubber core and Dyneema cover for strength and wear resistance
  • 2-5 pound pull. (3 pounds at 18 inches of pull)
  • 2' of 5/8" webbing adjustable for any reasonable stride or size of climber
  • Simple to adjust
  • An elastic-sock" on the tether stows away excess bungee
  • Load bearing buckle designed and built just for the SAKA mini
  • Compact for easy storage when not in use
  • Uses the original SAKA ascender with progressive tooth pattern and rope friendly spring.
  • Comes with two small, 4kN rated carabiners andone 22 kN carabiner
  • Works for climbers of all sizes, no need to choose between lengthor foot attachment
  • Free Bungee replacement is available (if somehow yours is broken or destroyed)

SAKA mini-MAX v2 Diagram