SMC Edge Roller

SMC Edge Roller

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Product Description

The SMC Edge Roller is a versatile piece of equipment most often used to reduce the friction of ropes running over edges of all kinds. An Edge Roller may also be used to protect fire hoses, air supply and communication lines passing over sharp or otherwise abrasive edges.

Lightweight aluminum frames are welded and then powder coated bright red for visibility, durability, resistance to corrosion and abrasion protection. Heat treated aluminum sheaves measuring 4" long by 2-1/2" in diameter with Oilite bushings on a 5/8" diameter plated steel axle for efficiency and durability at a reasonable cost.

Sold as a single unit, two Edge Rollers may be connected by quick links for applications involving a variety of edges and angles. Two 3/16" quick links are furnished with each Edge Roller. SOLD AS A SINGLE UNIT.


" Rescue
" Industry & Work-related
" Telecommunications
" Utilities
" Mining
" Fire Departments
" Mountaineering & Caving
" Theatrical Rigging
" Tactical