Standard Pro Bleeding Control Kit

Standard Pro Bleeding Control Kit

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Bleeding Control Kits empower a first responder bystander with the right tools to stop a life-threatening blood loss before professional help arrives.


The Standard ProBleeding Control Kit provides all the tools required to handle most limb or torso bleeding wounds. It is equipped with a windlass-style and a back-up limb tourniquet, a hemostatic blood-clotting granule packet, a highly absorbent Israeli bandage and additional wound dressings. Also included are two pairs of protective nitrile exam gloves, bandage shears to cut away clothing, an aluminized blanket to keep the victim warm and a marker to denote the time the tourniquet was applied. The kit comes in an organized, easy access pouch so you can find supplies in a hurry.


(1) Fabric Zippered Pouch; (1) Windlass Tourniquet; (1) Back-up Elastic Tourniquet; (1) Hemostatic Blood-Clotting Granule packet 2g.; (1) Israeli Bandage; (1) Aluminized Rescue/Shock Blanket (1) Trauma Pad Dressing, 5"x9"; (4) Protective Nitrile Exam Gloves; (1) Bandage Shears; (1) Marker to note tourniquet time; (1) Bleeding Control Product Usage Guideline