Stealth Escape Anchor Hook

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Product Description

The next generation escape hook from Sterling, the Stealth hook has more features, in an even lighter package. Continuing with the popularity of our first-of-its-kind gated hitching slot for quick and secure remote anchoring, we have re-engineered this fire escape hook to be 14% lighter than its predecessor, with new features:
  • Forged from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum, the truss design reduces weight and preserves strength, making this the lightest NFPA escape hook weighing 170g/ 6oz.
  • Tool-grade stainless steel tip allows for better holding in a variety of anchoring surfaces and can be easily changed out if it becomes blunted from training. Each tip offers two points that can be used.
  • Rounded radius at the back of the hitching slot for easier use in an improvised mechanical advantage system.
  • Heel ridges and milled grips help keep the hook in your hand and in place at the anchor.


Weight 170g/ 6 oz.

Certification: UL Certified to NFPA 2500 (1983)

MBS: 13.5 kN