The Challenger® Forcible Entry Training Door
The Challenger® Forcible Entry Training Door
The Challenger® Forcible Entry Training Door

The Challenger® Forcible Entry Training Door

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(meets numerous NFPA 1001 JPR’s for Forcible Entry)

The “CHALLENGER” Forcible Entry Door has 11 forcible entry features/functions, 12 counting our newest feature listed below. (4 are patented)

• Product dimensions at outer most points 55"w x 33"d x 78"h, 860 lbs. • Shipping dimensions are single pallet 56”w x 36”d x 84”h and ship weight is 1050 lbs. and comes fully assembled securely bolted to the pallet and wrapped.

• No dis-assembly required to move (completely welded assembly), patented 3rd wheel mobility system allows for quick, easy movement and set up.

• Will roll through all standard width/height commercial exterior doors measuring 36" or larger

• 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. See page 2 for details

1. Cut up to 3/4" #6 rebar or other round metal material at 3 different heights and angles.


2. Hinge cutting attachment (patented) allows you to....

1. Cut Commercial hinges

2. Pull Commercial hinges with the haligan

3. Cut 3/16” flat plate (to simulate hinges and save costs)


3. Combination and pad lock cutting, breaking (using irons, K-12, Duck bill or bolt cutters)


4. Conventional forcible entry with irons...

1. Residential & Commercial inward swinging

2. Commercial outward swinging


5. Hydraulic Forcible entry (rabbet tools)

6. "K" tool use, commercial lock pull simulator (patented)

7. Through the lock complete function with real commercial dead bolt latch manipulation

8. "R" tool use, residential dead bolt lock pull simulator (patented)

9. Through the lock complete function with real residential dead bolt latch manipulation

10. Commercial door metal plunge cut window with real working panic bar to activate and open. (patented)

11. Jamb spreading using the “W” Tool (from the Weddle Tool Co.)

12. An Optional Carriage Bolt Head grinding/cutting fixture is available and sold separately. Please see pages 3-5 for more in depth information, photos and pricing on this option.

1. This new fixture inserts into the plunge cut window channel for grinding/cutting Carriage Bolt Heads using your K-12 saw that are encountered on doors with added drop bar brackets.


The Newest Optional Feature

“K-12 Carriage Bolt Head Grinding/Cutting Fixture”

Our newest Challenger Forcible Entry Door feature is "The Carriage Bolt head grinding/cutting fixture" for use with your K-12 saw is used to practice grinding off carriage head bolts that are encountered on doors with drop bar brackets that use these types of bolts to secure the brackets to the doors.

The fixture slides and secures into the existing plunge cut window channel in the door. The fixture can hold up to 42 bolts at one time, once the front plate is cut up it can be unbolted, turned over and the back side used. With an average of 6-8 cuts per hole before the front "consumable" plate needs to be replaced. That is an average of 504 cuts before replacement of the plate is needed (42 square holes x 2 sides = 84 x 6 cuts per hole = 504 cuts/bolts). The fixture comes with 2 plates for a total of 1008 cuts for only $349.00. Replacement plates can be ordered at $80.00 each plus shipping