Watercooled Packages

Watercooled Packages

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Quiet, Durable, Reliable, Continuous Duty

This compressor is for the user whose demand requires working around the clock. Mako's water-cooled high performance compressors provide simplified maintenance and quick remove/replace valves. These compressors have been tested and certified to meet the US Navy"s stringent NAVSEA requirements.


  • One valve per stage combines suction and discharge
  • Compressor cooling system built into block for improved efficiency
  • Oil pump provides pressure lubrication
  • Closed loop cooling system integrated to compressor skid
  • Automatic condensate drain with stand alone muffler/reservoir
  • Automatic start/stop controls
  • Piston rings on ALL compressor stages
  • Package includes heavy duty skid, ODP motor and motor starter
  • Breathing air purification is standard

Air Purification

  • Air purification is standard

Optional Equipment

  • CO Monitor and calibration kit
  • Purification cartridge moisture monitor
  • Shutdown audible alarm package